Stone Street Green Solar Statutory Consultation begins

As highlighted in the October Parish News, there are Public Information sessions regarding the proposed National Infrastructure Project, Stone Street Green Solar, in Aldington on 5th Nov ( 11.00am-3.00pm) and 8th Nov ( 8.00 – 9.30pm).

Your Parish Council will be present at both consultations and available to talk to.  We will be revising the Agenda for the next Parish Council Meeting, which is on Monday 14th November, to dedicate the meeting to this topic.  The meeting starts at 7.30pm and will be in the Village Hall.  Please feel free to join us at that meeting BEFORE responding to the Evolution Power Statutory Consultation.  While we do, as a community and individually, need to respond to this phase of consultation – please do not feel pressured to  rush to complete the questionnaire provided by Evolution Power – the deadline for responses is 29th November.

Documents, including the exhibition boards that will be displayed at the Information events on 5th November are now available on the developer website:  Do have a look to go pre-warned.

Also – be aware that Developer questionnaires can include leading questions, designed to provide data to validate their proposals.  Today, we checked that the project contact email:  can be used to send feedback to the proposal as it currently stands, in whatever form you wish and without completing the questionnaire, though some of the questions may be ones that you’d like to answer.

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View across East Stour Valley and up to Aldington Ridge