Solar Update

No new is good news… so they say.  A quick update on the solar situation;

The EDF proposal, East Stour Solar, was expected to submit a formal planning application to Ashford Borough Council at the end of December. So far no application has appeared.  The Parish Council will be a statutory consultee and thus notified as soon as an application is submitted.

The Evolution Power proposal Stone Street Green Solar now has more information on their website. Visit for latest information from the developer. There is interesting information on the page called DCO Application which indicates that we can expect to see the developers plan for community consultation fairly soon. A DCO is a Development Consent Order (“DCO”) – an application for consent to undertake a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project ( NSIP) that is made to the Planning Inspectorate appointed by the Secretary of State, who will decide whether consent should be granted for the proposed scheme. the screenshot below shows current status as being ‘Pre application’. Visit yourself to see the Planning Inspectorate pre-application advice to the applicant.

Screenshot 2022 03 11 at 17.01.01