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Quarry Pond – update.


The pond on Quarry Field has been temporarily fenced off and the entrance up to Quarry Field from Quarry Wood is closed for a short time. img 0552This is due to damage to the ground surrounding the pond during mechanical clearance of reeds and parrot weed this week.  The area is extremely muddy following heavy rain, so please keep clear.  We realise that many people enjoy walking around the pond area and apologise for the inconvenience whilst works are carried out. We very much hope that the ground will recover quickly to enable removal of the fencing.

img 3495Many thanks to Darren Godden and Martin Boulden for their support in achieving this first stage of a conservation and improvement plan. The parish council are working with Martin Newcombe, professional ecologist and founder member of the East Kent Badger Group with support from the Kentish Stour Countryside Partnership.

This autumn, the centre part of the pond has been mown and cleared to increase the free water area and reduce vegetation.  Next autumn, further reed will be removed after which it is hoped that annual hand clearing will be able to keep vegetation under control.

Ponds provide a rich and very natural habitat for a wide range of threatened freshwater species such as: Great Crested Newt, Natterjack Toad, Pillwort, Starfruit, Marsh Clubmoss and Medicinal Leech.   We hope that through conservation work we will be able to make the pond on Quarry Field a biodiverse haven.  Next year we will be forming a working party to get involved in projects to expand the diversity of species found in the pond and Quarry Woods area.  In the mean time we hope that you will bear with us.