Aldington & Bonnington Parish was announced as a designated neighbourhood Planning Area on 7th November 2019 and has started working towards making a plan for the join parishes.

Neighbourhood Planning was introduced by the Locality Act 2011 Parish and town councils can put planning strategy and policies in place to guide future development of their area that meets the needs of the people that live there. The document, once produced, works alongside national and local planning policies, in our case The Ashford Local Plan 2030.  It must meet ‘basic conditions’ that are laid out in planning law and ensure that the plans contribute towards the attainment of sustainable development, have regard for national policy, and are in general conformance with local planning policy.   For more information visit:–2

The process is lengthy and must include a robust programme of community engagement. This can take many forms, but over the period of developing the plan, should ensure that it is supported by the community it represents. Once a completed, a neighbourhood plan is submitted to the local planning authority ( Ashford Borough Council) and will be subject to an independent examination to ensure that the legal process has been followed and the plan meets the basic requirements. Once this is ascertained the plan is subject to a public referendum and must gain the support of more than 50% of the vote to come into force.

The Ashford parishes of Rolvenden, Pluckley and Wye have made Neighbourhood Plans, whilst eight other parishes, including Aldington & Bonnington have started the process.

Steering Team:

The Aldington & Bonnington Neighbourhood Plan Steering Team is made up of:

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Sheila Garrard

Ex-Chair of the Parish Council. Lives on Knoll Hill, loves walking and has an interest in sustainable design.

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Ray Boulding

Has been key to the community since 1970. Loves sport, was fundamental in securing the village green and playing fields for the village.

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Louise Jessup

Grew up in Aldington and wants to be part of planning for its future.

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Nick Hulme

Has lived in the area since childhood and lives in Wheatfields with his young family.

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Glyn Bryant

A retired town planner, moved to Aldington Meadows in 2007.

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Linda Harman


Has lived in Giggers Green Road since 2006 and is passionate about planning to protect the environment and rural quality of life.


Meeting DateMeeting TitleAgendaMinutes
Mon 29th Nov, 2021Neighbourhood Planning Committee
Mon 27th Sep, 2021Neighbourhood Planning Committee
Mon 26th Jul, 2021Neighbourhood Planning Committee
Mon 24th May, 2021Neighbourhood Planning Committee
Mon 29th Mar, 2021Neighbourhood Planning Committee
Mon 25th Jan, 2021Neighbourhood Planning Committee Download
Mon 23rd Nov, 2020Neighbourhood Planning Committee Download Download (Draft)
Mon 26th Oct, 2020Neighbourhood Planning Committee Download Download (Draft)
Mon 28th Sep, 2020Neighbourhood Planning Meeting
Neighbourhood plan committee
 Download Download (Draft)

Calendar of agreed meetings to be included here.