If you need assistance during COVID-19 lockdown, or in order to self-isolate, we will endeavour to guide you to the right support.

You can contact us by telephone on the following numbers:

01233 721838  or 07802 776779

or by email: help@abpc.org.uk

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There is a volunteer group on FaceBook: Aldington and Bonnington’s Action and Support Group for the Coronavirus where you can post a question or ask for help.  Uncertainty and loneliness can make anyone feel anxious and while our volunteers may not have all the answers, they are happy to help where they can by fetching shopping or prescriptions, or just having a chat, so don’t be afraid to make contact.


For financial support,  advice about applying for government grants or housing concerns Ashford Borough Council support can be accessed via the dedicated website section.  Anyone having difficulty please contact Councillor Linda Harman; tel: 07820 776779.

Specific links from the Ashford Borough Council website that might be useful:

Foodbanks: https://www.ashford.gov.uk/coronavirus-covid-19/food-and-essential-supplies/ashford-food-banks-and-other-essential-supplies/

Businesses delivering ( Filter by Saxon Shore in the menu to find out who delivers to our area): https://www.ashford.gov.uk/coronavirus-covid-19/food-and-essential-supplies/food-delivery-business-search/

Supermarkets: https://www.ashford.gov.uk/coronavirus-covid-19/food-and-essential-supplies/supermarkets/  The Ashford Borough Council customer services team can help get delivery slots for vulnerable people.


Other useful contacts include:

Ashford Borough Citizen’s Advice: Email: ashfordadvice@gmail.com|Tel: 01233 626 185

MIND The mental health charity has a whole section of helpful information on coping with the challenges that coronavirus has brought many people.

Live Well Kent provides the Mental Health Matters helpline for anyone in emotional distress that needs urgent support;  (24/7) on 0300 330 5486 (free for mobiles) or 0800 107 0160 (free for landlines).

This is a difficult time for everyone.

Keep safe everyone.